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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of common questions and our answers to help you enjoy your SEXFest experience. Please feel free to contact us if you cant find the answers you are needing.

Q: Can I bring a dog?
A: Unfortunately pets of any description are not allowed. The site is a
working farm with working animals and there are a number of reasons pets
cannot attend. This is not negotiable. Please note that if you have a guide or
registered support animal, the local council is running a feral animal baiting
campaign in the area.

Q: Can I reserve a campsite?
A: Campsite will be allocated on an as you arrive basis. If you wish to camp
next to friends please arrive together. Please follow the directions of the
crew members allocating sites as space will be at a premium this year. Staff
can assist you to reverse your van or trailer if you prefer.

Q: What if I need my car to travel over the weekend?
A: If you will need to leave the site please tell the staff on arrival and they will
allocate you a camp that allows safe vehicle movements, The vast majority
of sites will not have the space to allow safe vehicle movements so
effectively your vehicle will be parked in from Friday to Sunday.

Q: What water is available onsite?
A: A limited water supply is plumbed to the showers, toilets and kitchen. The
site is currently in drought conditions and all water is trucked in to the event.
Unfortunately this does not allow the filling up of van water tanks and toilets
etc, Please bring sufficient drinking water for your stay.

Q: Can I use a generator?
A: There are NO powered sites available. Super quiet generators can be used between
7am and 9pm.

Q: What events are on for the weekend?
A: The weekend is packed full of fun and frivolity. Please check out our Program

page for the most up to date information A full printout of the weekends events

 will be made available to everyone shortly.

Q: What meals are you providing?
A: The SEXFest team will be cooking you breakfast and dinner on Saturday.
Friday night is our fantastic bring a plate meet and greet evening.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You are free to bring your own drinks, You will need food etc. for the days we

aren't cooking. Also bring heaps of sunscreen, a hat, a chair of some sort and a

torch or light to find your way to the loos.

Q: Are they rubbish bins onsite?
A: There will be both rubbish and recycle bins onsite. For the welfare of the
farm animals it is vital that no rubbish is left on the ground.

Q: Is there a party on Friday night?
A: The open play tents are open for fun for the duration of the event. Satur-
day night is ourBollywood party theme night.

Q: I have heard you cant drive an ordinary car up the drive way?
A: Yes the driveway is steep but there is no problem with access for any
type of vehicle from small cars to large campers. 


Q: Can I be nude?
A: No problem, you don’t have to get dressed all weekend. We do require
you to use your common sense and to stay within the confines of the camp-
ing areas so we don’t offend any of the locals.

Q: What are the rules for the event?
A: We are all adults and should behave as such . Be respectful and polite
seek and grant permission and have lots of fun. If you are ruining the fun of
others for any reason event organizers will simply ask you to leave, end of
story, no arguments.

Q: Can I light a campfire?
A: No, due to current ground conditions there will be no campfires. The SF
team will be monitoring the situation and may light a fire in one of the main
firepits if conditions improve.

Q: I cant find my ticket?
A: When you first booked and paid you received a welcome email to the ad-
dress you provided. This email has a QR code which is your ticket. Please
have this code available on your phone or printed off to allow the staff at the
gate to admit you.

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